Hey girl hey! I'm  Catie, a local to Ventura, Ca and your go-to gal for all things beauty and skin. I'm a one stop shop for all your skincare, lash and brow needs as well as a relaxing and safe place to kick your feet up a take a cat nap. To me, as an mom-preneur I know just how important self-care is and how it can effect your overall mood and well being. Life is hard but taking care of yourself doesn't have to be.

I obtained my aesthetics license in 2018 and immediately pursued it full time. I'm a firm believer in chasing after your hearts desires and for me, this was it! I've trained around the U.S. with top leading lash industry professionals from LUX-UNCUT, J Brand Beauty, Jax Orange County, Maven and Borboleta as well as IMAGE Skincare, PCA and Dermologica. 

Catie DiMaggio



Mom-preneur +

hot sauce lover

A few fun facts about me because...why not?!

1. I LOVE Tapatio...so much so I even carry a bottle with me at all times!

2. I Love to travel and once spent 2.5 months backpacking around Europe. It was an experience I will never forget!

3. Audiobooks are my jam. Listening to them helps me pass the time on drives and while lashing.

4. Im a starbs girl at heart! Love a good Hazelnut Iced Coffee with cream.

5.I have a huge passion for empowering and encouraging women to be their best, truest selves. 

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