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Life is hard.
Self-care doesn’t have to be.
Empowering women through beauty, skincare, and education.


In our busy lives, it’s easy to let self-care stay on the to-do list. Treatments like lash lifts and facials are more than just services– they’re opportunities to rest, relax, and reconnect with yourself. Because at its core, self-care is about feeling confident in your skin and empowered to tackle the day ahead. 


Catie D. Artistry creates space for women to "fill their cup", share openly, and get inspired. So whether you’re a busy mama or an aspiring aesthetician looking to build a business, we have a service, course, or coaching program for you.

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Hey there, I’m Catie D.
Artist, educator, and hot-sauce addict.


As a mama and small business owner, I know how demanding life can be. I view my work in the beauty industry as a means to uplift and encourage women– taking care of yourself can be as simple as a one hour appointment! 


I’ve built a six figure beauty business from the ground up and trained with top industry professionals. Now, in addition to serving my clients, I’m committed to helping aspiring aestheticians and cosmetologists build successful, fulfilling businesses and lives. 

Grab a coffee and let’s get to know each other! 



A Lash Lift is the perfect alternative to lash extensions. It will lift, curl & tint your natural lashes with results lasting up to 2 months! Tired of curling your lashes and applying coats of mascara? This is for you!


A Brow Lamination will relax and straighten brow hairs in an upward direction for a fuller looking brow. Perfect for those with messy or downward pointing brow hairs. Results last up to 2 months!


SKIN IS IN! It's time to take care of your skin and protect from sun damage, slow down the aging process and clear up that unwanted texture, pigmentation and acne! Options include massage for relaxation. 


Volume lashes are great for achieving a full, dense and dark lash line. Volume fans are lighter weight extensions applied in groups of 2-6 per natural lash to fill in sparse areas and create density. 


This set is a mixture of classic extensions and handmade volume fans. This perfect blend of classic and volume fans can create a darker lash line and is great for those who want to achieve a wispy, fuller look.


Classic Lashes are 1 extension applied to 1 natural lash. This is a very natural look and a great starting option for those who have never had extensions or those who have naturally full lashes.


Brows, Lips and Brazilians- OH MY! Have any unwanted hair you'd like removed? Waxing is a quick and painless way to remove hair that you don't want there. 


Microblading provides a

semi-permanent way to enhance brows with hair-like strokes to create fullness and desired shape. It is a two-appointment process for healed results lasting up to 2 years!


Microshading is a perfect option for those who want a fuller/filled in brow. It is a mixture of hairlike strokes and shading to create a brow you won't have to fill in anymore!

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