Private Trainings


I used to think I couldn't raise my prices because I would lose clients. I was under charging and over working and quickly got burnt out. I started to dread working long hours, multiple days a week.


I reminded myself that one of the reasons I started my own business was to be my own boss and find freedom in my schedule. I decided to invest in quality continued education and switch up my service menu. I decided I wasn't going to sell myself short anymore and ultimately found the confidence to create the career I had originally set out to achieve. 

Are you newly licensed and don't know where to start when it comes to building your business? Are you scared to set industry standard prices because you don't feel like an expert? Feel like offering a new service but unsure how about the response you'll get? I've been there and I've navigated through the countless unknowns of running your own business. I've built a full clientele and a 6 figure income without working 7 days a week, 10 hours a day.There's no more time to waste- let me help you get where you want to be.



Lash Lift University 

Learn a new skill or take what you've learned and kick it up a notch. Lash Lifts are the perfect alternative for clients who are allergic to lash extensions, looking for something more natural or can't make the time to come every 3 weeks for a fill. Lash Lifts are quickly becoming a highly desired service with less than an hour service time priced as a full set. Class includes 1 demo, 2 practice models, a full kit to get you through 10-15 lifts, consent forms, step by step manual, social media marketing guides, photo & pricing tips + SO MUCH MORE! 5 jam packed hours preparing you to reach your 6 figure goal income. 

Price: $595

Brow Lamination

Fluffy brows are taking over! Learn this new innovative way of styling brows to achieve a fuller and feathered look. Styling and shaping is all taught in this class, no experience necessary. Take your $25 brow wax to a $100+ luxury service in this 4 hour course. Class includes 1 live demo, 1  practice model, full kit to get you through 20+ clients, consent forms, step by step manual, social media marketing guides, photo & pricing tips + SO MUCH MORE! 

Price: $495

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